In some health care centers, it was been observed that the process that the health-workers go through is too manual. From having to monitor all the paper work, to filling out the Individual Participant Form while taking the babies’ measurements and asking the mother questions. At the end of taking measurements, the healthcare workers are then tasked with calculating the results and working on nutrition categorizations. Due to the fact that these calculations happen at the end of the day, it has sometimes leads to misdiagnosis because of an error in calculations.


The solution was an easy to use android application developed to ease the process of data collection for the nurses. The application has been developed with the automatic calculation of z-scores and nutrition categorization. The application also eased the creation of reports that will be used in the evaluation of the project.

Components of solution

The solution had the following components:

A Mobile Application

An Android application developed to be used on tablets. Mobile application contained the nutrition survey that was used by a nurse to collect data about a mother and child. Also contained in the mobile application was a local database that was used to store a local copy of the data collected before it was sent to the online server.

An Online Server

A server running on MySQL was used to store files of the patient’s records. The online server that was selected for the application is run by a company available locally in the country.

Categorization of users

The solution would be used by three categories of users:

The IT Manager

The IT manager would have an account that is responsible for creating user accounts that would have access to the application. The IT manager would also have access to the online server and the management of the patient’s data.

The Nurse

The nurse would have an account that is responsible for creating profiles for mothers and their children. The account would also allow them to collect the data on the nutrition survey.

The Data Manager

The data manager would have an account that is responsible for creating reports that are on key indicators.

This was a group project that done as part of the final practicum project at Carnegie Mellon University