Make your workouts social! FitMate is a mobile app that connects you with runners. Keep motivated and never work out alone.

What is FitMate?

FitMate takes the hassle out of finding a running partner by connecting local runners with opportunities to meet, train, or race. With the mobile app, all users must do is input preferences such as age, availability, and skill level. FitMate does the rest - identifying potential matches so that finding a workout companion is quick and convenient.

By partnering with local race organizers and groups, FitMate allows runners to easily seek new opportunities. Runners can then register directly through FitMate and coordinate training sessions with others in their area. FitMate users are able to achieve new goals, and race organizers see increased participation.

The FitMate Community

From 5k to 40k, FitMate offers flexibility based to a diverse user base.

FitMate hosts a community of eager and active runners seeking to enhance their workouts. FitMate encourages runners of all ages and skill levels to join and build upon this community to motivate their own experiences.

Runners can use FitMate to expand their own networks by adding matches to their "Favorites" list. Connections can be used to find running partners quickly in the future, or organize training groups.

Run. Race. Challenge.

Connected runners can run, race, or challenge each other through the app. Once being matched, the choice is totally up to the connected runners.

FitMate makes it easy to communicate desired running goals and preferences. Once matched, runners can decide where and when to meet through FitMate - this makes discovering new runs and trails easy and versatile.

Runners can also encourage their connections to join them on a run by sending them FitMate challenges. Challenges can be anything from a completing a training session, or seeing who has the best time in an upcoming 5k. The ability to search and register for races through FitMate makes challenges easy to create and fun to accept.

Who We Are

Team FitMate is made up of six students at Carnegie Mellon University with diverse backgrounds in computer science, design, psychology, business, and human-computer interaction. Passionate about creating innovative and useful products, we hope to merge our interests in health with our diverse skill set.

This was a group project that done as part of the Mobile Service Innovation course at Carnegie Mellon University